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Power for your business

We supply energy for businesses of all sizes across Finland.

Choose the best electricity contract for your business

Contracts for businesses whose electricity consumption is less than 150 000 kWh per year. If your consumption is larger, contact us for a custom quote.


Market price



+ spot price + 4,50 €/month

Kiinteä 12 months

Fixed price



+ 4,50 €/month

Kiinteä 24 months

Fixed price



+ 4,50 €/month

Available for all contracts

Renewable EKOenergy

Make a sustainable choice and choose certified renewable EKOenergy as an added service for 1.40 c/kWh. 

100% fossil free energy

Decrease your carbon footprint and choose fossil free energy sources as an added service for 0.45 c/kWh. 

Solar panel's surplus energy

If you have a solar system, we buy your surplus energy production at the spot price of the Finnish market (fee 0.25 c/kWh).

Let's talk

Tell us about your business's energy needs and we'll find the right solution for you.

Why choose Hehku for your business

Expert assistance and guidance from our best-in-class customer support

Simple electricity contracsts with transparent pricing

Over a decade of experience in the Finnish energy industry

Contact us

Fill in the form for a custom quote.

Or contact our expert for guidance on your business's energy matters:

Jesse Paunonen, B2B Sales manager
 [email protected]
 +358 40 197 0141

Estimate your business's annual energy consumption. If you don't know it, briefly describe your business and its operations.
Something else we should know about your business and its energy needs?