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Sell your solar panels' surplus energy to us

When your solar panels produce more energy than you can use, sell the surplus to us. You don't need a contract with the electricity network – just a regular energy contract with us.

Sell your surplus solar energy to us

Smaller energy bill

When you sell solar energy to us, we deduct it from your energy bill.

Competitive pricing

No basic fees, we only deduct our 0.31 c/kWh (incl. VAT 24%) commission from the price.

Track the market price

Track the current market price in the Nord Pool energy exchange.

How much can I get for my solar energy?

For surplus solar energy, we pay the hourly rate of the Finnish market in the Nord Pool power exchange (so called spot price). You can track the prices hourly on Nord Pool's website.

We only deduct our commission of 0.31 c/kWh (incl. VAT 24%). That's it – no monthly fees or sign-up costs.

How do I sell my solar panels' surplus energy to the grid?

To sell you excess energy production to the electricity network, you need to consider two things:

  • your solar panels have to be connected to the network
  • you need a sales agreement with your energy retailer (the company that you buy your energy from)

The energy produced by the panels is measured hourly and you're compensated accordingly. Usually your energy company either reimburses the rate on your electricity bill or debits it to your bank account once a year.

Sign up – we buy your surplus solar energy

Pick the best contract for you and choose selling microgeneration as an added service. All set!

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Already our customer?

If you want to sell your excess solar energy to us as part of your contract, contact our customer support.

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Frequently asked about solar energy

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Kannattaako aurinkosähkön myynti?


Contact our customer support. We help and guide you with all your energy-related questions.

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