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Energy for your new home

We power up your new home. Make a new electricity contract in minutes.

Compare contracts

Choose the best electricity contract for you


Market price



+ spot price + 1,50 €/month

Hybridi 24 months

Fixed + market price



+ market effect + 3,50 €/month

Fixed-price 6–24 months

Stable price for a fixed period

from 8,19


+ from 3,50 €/month


Basic, on-going contract



+ 3,95 €/month

Power on quickly?

Forgot to make a new energy contract? If you need power on fast, contact our customer support.

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09 6898 8780

Open Monday-Friday 9-16.

Fixed-term electricity contract and moving

Do you have a fixed-term energy contract with an unifinished validity term? When you move houses, you are allowed to terminate the contract, even if the term isn't up yet.

Checklist for moving homes in Finland

1. Submit the move notification

Submit a notification about your move to Digital and Population Data Services Agency with their online form.

2. Let your creditors know your new address

If you subsrice to magazines or receive bills by mail, notify your creditors of your new address. And now is a good time to switch to e-invoice.

3. Terminate old contracts

And make new ones. These may include contracts like, rent, electricity, insurancse, internet, and other utilities.

4. Let your employer know you're moving

You may be entitled to a day off from work for your moving day.

5. Empty your storage spaces 

Remember to empty your basement and attic storage spaces. And do you have a bike stored in your building's storage room? 

6. Clean out the old apartment

Make sure everything is in tip-top shape for the new tenant.

7. Inspect your new home

Make sure to check your new home is in good condition. Document any dents or defects you find.

8. Let the new tenant know your new address

Some of you mail will end up in your old address. This way, the new tenant can forward it to you.

9. Return the keyes

Collect your spare keyes and make sure your return all keyes.


Contact our customer support. We help and guide you in all your energy questions.

Find your answer in the FAQs.

  [email protected]
  09 6898 8780

Open Monday-Friday 9-12.