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Customer service

Frequently asked questions

Laskutuskumppanin muutos

My pages (Minun sivuni)

My pages (Minun sivuni) is replaced my Oma Hehku. How does it affect me?
How do I log into Oma Hehku customer portal?
Where can I find my electricity bills?

Electricity contract

When will my contract with Hehku start?
What happens when a fixed-term contract expires?
Can I make a contract on another person’s behalf?
How do I change my electricity contract?
I want to change my electricity supplier, how do I do it?


Why do I receive two different electricity bills?
How can I change the due date on my energy bill?
I accidentally paid my bill twice, what do I do?
I’d like to activate e-invoicing, how does it work?


What’s the difference between electricity transfer and electricity sales?
Can I manage another person’s electricity contract?

Exceptional opening hours

28.3.2024       9-12
29.3.2024       closed
1.4.2024          closed
1.5.2024          closed
9.5.2024         closed
20.6.2024        9-12
21.6.2024        closed
6.12.2024        closed
23.12.2024       9-12
24.12.-26.12.2024      closed
1.1.2025            closed
6.1.2025           closed