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Your new electricity contract for anywhere in Finland

Compare our electricity contracts, choose the right one for you and sign up in just a few minutes.

Compare electricity contracts

Choose the best electricity contract for you


Market price



+ spot price + 1,90 €/month

Hybridi 24 months

Fixed + market price



+ market effect + 3,90 €/month

Fixed-price 6–24 months

Stable price for a fixed period

from 7,49


+ from 2,90 €/month

See special

Basic, on-going contract



+ 2,90 €/month

Available for all contracts

Renewable EKOenergy

Make a sustainable choice and choose certified renewable EKOenergy as an added service for 1.40 c/kWh. 

100% fossil free energy

Decrease your carbon footprint and choose fossil free energy sources as an added service for 0.45 c/kWh. 

Solar panel's surplus energy

If you have a solar system, we buy your surplus energy production at the spot price of the Finnish market (fee 0.31 c/kWh).

How to make an electricity contract in Finland


Check your current contract

If you already have an electricity contract, check whether it has a binding fixed term. If no, you're free to make a new contract and switch your energy supplier.


Pick the right contract for you

Choose the best contract type for you and sign up online in just a few minutes. If you have any questions, reach out to our customer support.


We take care of the rest

You don't need to cancel your old electricity contract. We'll do that for you.

Need power in your new home?

Discover our tips and tricks for moving in Finland and make an electricity contract for your new home.

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Why choose Hehku

Expert assistance and guidance from our best-in-class customer support

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Over a decade of experience in the Finnish energy industry

Frequently asked about making an electricity contract in Finland

How can I buy electricity in Finland?
Can I sign up online?
What types of electricity contracts are available in Finland?
When I make a new electricity contract, do I need to terminate the old contract?


Contact our customer support. We help and guide you in all your energy questions.

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