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Solar panels for your home 

Rooftop solar panels produce clean, renewable solar energy for your home. Contact us to get a custom quote for a solar power system!

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Safe and easy turnkey delivery

A solar power system reduces your electricity bill

High-quality panels with long warranty periods

Our deliveries include

  • Solar panels
  • Inverter and monitoring app 
  • Mounting system
  • Electrical equipment
  • Freight
  • Installation
  • Onboarding and training
  • Notification to the local electrical network
  • Assistance with permits

Solar panels’ price – complete delivery starting from 4,800€

The price of a solar energy system depends, among other things, on the sizing of the system and the selected panel type. On average, the price of a solar power system including installation is about 4,800€–13,000€.

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Fill out the form below, and we'll contact you and give you a quote for solar panels for your home.

Possible additional details

Solar panels make an excellent investment

A solar power system is an excellent investment, as most of our personal electricity consumption happens at home. Rooftop solar panels produce clean renewable energy which is used primarily at the house, replacing electricity purchased and transferred from the electrical grid.

The electricity replaced by solar power is a direct saving on the electricity bill.

Charging station for an electric car with the same installation

Do you also need an electric car charging station at home? We can deliver both solar panels and an electric car charging station conveniently at the same time.

  • Our charging stations enable slow and normal charging of the car.
  • Our devices can be equipped with dynamic load management, which adjusts the charging power according to the property's electricity consumption and prevents overload.
  • Safe and reliable charging solutions comply with EU regulation.

Inverter is the brain of the solar energy system

The inverter connected to the solar panel system converts the direct current produced by the panels into alternating current that your home's electrical appliances can use.

  • The inverter is always included in our solar panel delivery. 
  • The inverter comes with a production monitoring app.
  • The lifespan of the inverter is up to 20 years.

Solar panel optimizers for a shaded roof

Shading on your roof doesn’t prevent you from getting solar panels. Our solar panel optimizers improve the performance of the panels in shaded conditions. They monitor and optimize the energy generation of individual solar panels, so shading doesn’t affect the overall generation of the solar cells as a group.

  • Optimized energy production even in shaded conditions
  • Intelligent technology minimizes energy loss
  • Optimizers enhance the efficiency of the solar power system

How to get solar panels on your roof 

1. Get a quote

First, submit a quote request either through the form on this page or contact our sales team directly.

2. Our experts contact you

We go through your wishes, needs, and questions related to solar power. We survey the property and give you a quote for the system, including installation.


3. Let's set the istallation date

Once you accept the quote, we choose a suitable date for the installation. The installation date is typically about 3–6 weeks from the order confirmation.

4. Installation 

Solar panels are installed on your roof, and we give you onboarding training. We notify the local electrical network company for a connection permit.

5. Invoicing upon completion of work

We only send the invoice after the work is successfully completed.

6. Monitor the system and its energy production 

The delivery includes a monitoring app that allows you to keep track of the production of your solar power system.

Claim the tax credit for household expenses and save on your panel investment 

Remember to claim the tax credit for household expenses on your tax return! You can claim the credit for the installation work. The amount of the credit is 40% of the installation work of the project (with a 100€ deductible), and the maximum amount to claim for is 2,250€ per year per person.

Contact us

Do you have questions about solar panels? Contact our experts.

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Sell surplus electricity easily to us

Sometimes solar panels produce more electricity than can be used at home. Make an electricity contract with Hehku and we buy your surplus energy. 

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