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Predict your energy costs with a fixed-price contract

Lock down your energy price for up two years.

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Fixed-price 6–24 months

Stable price for a fixed period

from 8,19


+ from 3,50 €/month

Peace of mind with a fixed price

No surprises on your energy bill

Lock down the price for 6-24 months

Stay in control of your energy costs with a fixed price

Our fixed-term energy contracts have a fixed energy price throughout the contract term. Lock down the price for a term that works for you and enjoy peace of mind with a stable price.

You can make a fixed-price contract for 6, 12, or 24 months.

6 months



3,95  €/month

12 months



2,45  €/month

24 months



3,50  €/month

Available on all our contracts

Renewable energy

Make a sustainable choice and choose renewable energy as an added service for 1.4 c/kWh. 

Solar panel's surplus energy

If you have a solar system, we buy your surplus energy production at the spot price of the Finnish market (fee 0.20 c/kWh).

Frequently asked

Can the energy price change during the contract validity term?
How can I terminate the contract?


Contact our customer support. We help and guide you in all your energy questions.

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