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Predict your energy costs with a fixed-price contract

Lock down your energy price for up two years.

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Fixed-price 6–24 months

Stable price for a fixed period

from 7,49


+ from 2,90 €/month

Peace of mind with a fixed price

No surprises on your energy bill

Lock down the price for 6-24 months

Stay in control of your energy costs with a fixed price

Our fixed-term energy contracts have a fixed energy price throughout the contract term. Lock down the price for a term that works for you and enjoy peace of mind with a stable price.

You can make a fixed-price contract for 6, 12, 18, or 24 months.

Kiinteät sähkösopimukset

6 months



2,90  €/month

12 months



2,90  €/month

Basic fee
3 months 0€!
18 months



3,50  €/month

24 months



2,90  €/month

Basic fee
3 months 0€!

Kevättarjous: 18 kuukauden sopimuksella lukitset sähkön hinnan jo ensi talveksi 

Tartu kevään erikoistarjoukseen ja tee 18 kuukauden kiinteä sähkösopimus erityishintaan. Tarjoustuote on saatavilla vain rajoitetun ajan, joten toimi nopeasti! 

Tartu tarjoukseen

Available for all contracts

Renewable EKOenergy

Make a sustainable choice and choose certified renewable EKOenergy as an added service for 1.40 c/kWh. 

100% fossil free

Decrease your carbon footprint and choose fossil free energy sources as an added service for 0.45 c/kWh. 

Solar panel's surplus energy

If you have a solar system, we buy your surplus energy production at the spot price of the Finnish market (fee 0.31 c/kWh).

Frequently asked

Can the energy price change during the contract validity term?
How can I terminate the contract?


Contact our customer support. We help and guide you in all your energy questions.

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