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The safe and easy choice

Jatkuva is the most basic electricity contract – stable price, no fixed term.

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Basic, on-going contract



+ 3,95 €/month

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Simple, easy choice

A stable price makes it easier to predict costs

No long-term commitments

Stable pricing without a long-term commitment

Jatkuva (Continuous is Finnish) is an electricity contract that is valid indefinitely – meaning, there’s no fixed-term validity period or long-term commitments for you. If you wish, you can change your contract with a 14-day notice period.

The stable price brings predictability to your electricity bill. The price won’t change suddenly, but instead we will always inform you of possible price changes 30 days in advance.

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Available on all our contracts

Renewable energy

Make a sustainable choice and choose renewable energy as an added service for 1.4 c/kWh. 

Solar panel's surplus energy

If you have a solar system, we buy your surplus energy production at the spot price of the Finnish market (fee 0.20 c/kWh).

Frequently asked

Can the price of the Jatkuva contract change?
How can the Jatkuva contract be terminated or changed to another contract?


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